Why Kaligo Solutions?

Driving engagement through rewarding experiences for 50+ leading brands.

The excitement of saving up miles for a trip, the satisfaction of redeeming a long-awaited holiday,
or sharing photos from an amazing adventure all create powerful engagement for your brand.


Turn to us for beautifully functional, conversion-optimized rewards solutions enabling your valuable customers to earn and redeem points more easily and at greater value than ever before.


Rapid to launch and simple to use, our solutions make it easy to accelerate your growth.

We make it easy.

Full Range of Travel Products

Flights, hotels, car rental, cruises, activities and dynamic packaging - pick from our menu of travel products to create the perfect booking solution for your customers. Start with just one or launch them all in one go.

Accrual & Redemption

Drive the loyalty cycle with compelling travel rewards across both Earn and Burn. We power both highly accelerated accrual and attractive redemption, and allow your members to switch seamlessly from one to the other within the purchase path.

High-Tech Made Easy

We believe that cutting-edge travel and loyalty technology should not come with big price tags and a 6 month implementation schedule. Our solutions are designed from the ground up for simple implementation without development or server hosting costs.

Beautiful, Rewards-Centric User Interfaces

From our inception, Kaligo has been synonymous with beautiful user interfaces that are built all around the rewards using conversion-optimized principles and rigorous A/B testing. We reinforce your accrual proposition throughout the purchase path and create an engaging redemption experience with interactive Points + Cash payment options.

Exceptional Customer Service

High-touch, multi-language 24/7 service that has been fine-tuned to exceed the expectations of even the most discerning business and leisure travellers.

Proven Reliability Trusted by Major Brands

Rely on the same high-performance and high-security platform trusted by over 40 airlines & 15 financial services brands around the globe. Data for each partner is securely ring-fenced in our cloud-based data warehouse.

Collaborative Marketing Model

A cutting-edge travel booking platform is only the first step towards growing your customer engagement. We help you drive performance and concrete results through high-touch, collaborative marketing support across campaign design, creative process, and analytics.


Have a question?  Interested in our products?  Looking for a customized solution?

Our team of experts are available to provide answers. Please feel free to send us an email.

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